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Welcome to XEM

The Xross Entity Map for TV shows*

xem helps you keep an overview of your shows on different websites.
Many websites use different numberings, names and season titles for the same show.
xem lets you create a map for an easy overview of all the different counting and naming systems.

NOTE: There was a bug (or something) that reset all user levels. If you were a mod and want to be one again please contact the admins.

Entity list

id name desc url
1 scene the SCENE /
2 tvdb thetvdb.com is a open database that can be modified by anybody http://www.thetvdb.com
3 anidb anidb.net http://www.anidb.net
4 rage tv rage http://www.tvrage.com
6 master virtual master of the xem http://thexem.de/
*And soon for motion pictures as well

Previously on XEM

2014-04-20 04:14:31 stryk3r updated season 4 of scene ... changed season size from 13 to 20element 1093
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2014-04-20 00:10:18 nuiker changed the entity order from 1,6,2,3,4 to 1,6,2,4,3element 1165
2014-04-20 00:09:19 nuiker disconected scene's s03e02 from master's s03e02 → element 1165