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How do I add a show?

Choose "Add New Show" (top most) in the drop-down in the top menu, enter the name and click add.
To edit the show you will still need to create a draft.

Why can't I edit a show?

In general one can only edit the draft of a show.
To create a draft you need to be logged in, then click the "go to draft" button in the toolbox of the show in question.
If there was no draft before, you can edit as much as you want.
If there was a draft already and a "publication request" was sent, a mod will need to unlock the show or make the draft public.

What is a draft? What is a public version?

Because programs depend on the information provided by the xem API every change has to be made on a draft.
The API only sees the public version.
Drafts can only be made public by mods (level 4 and above). After a publication request is sent, no changes can be made to a draft.
When a mod makes a draft public, a new draft can be created.

Note: When a draft is made public the internal xem ID changes for that show. Do not use that ID in your program!

What does my user level mean?

Level Attributes
0 Not registered. You can only look, but not touch.
1 You can log in, create and edit drafts as well as send publication requests.
2 You can edit complex shows (with mapping that isn't easily understood) up to level 2.
3 You can edit complex shows (with mapping that isn't easily understood) up to level 3. You can set the level of shows and drafts between 1-3.
4 You can make drafts public, edit "locked" drafts, (un)delete shows and drafts. You also have access to the special show list view.
5 You can modify a show without using a draft.

What does the level of a show mean?

This means "lock level". You will need at least this level to edit the show. Most shows will have a level 1 or 2 lock.

What are 'passthrus'?

Passthrus are a way to simplify the connection between two entities.

  • The two entities have there episodes linked by the absolute numbers. Season and Episode are calculated individualy.
  • The two entities have there episodes linked by the season-episode numbers. Absolute numbers are calculated individualy.
  • The two entities share the season, episode and absolute numbers.

How can I make direct connections between episodes?

First of direct connection can only be made to the 'master'. Therefore you have to use 'master' as bridge to connect e.g. scene and tvdb.
in the room between an entity and the master as 'shuffle' will appear if you hover that space, click this to into direct connection mode.
Click the two episodes you want to connect a conformation popup will appear(if QuickConnect is OFF), click connect to connect the two episodes.
Multiple connections can be made to one episode.
To delete a direct connection go into the direct connection mode for the direct connection you want to delete
and simply click the curve that represents the connection, a popup with a Delete button will appear.

I have a problem and I feel lost, can i talk to somebody?

Sure! Join #xem on irc.freenode.net.